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Arbor Age; 10/1/2005

WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF NIFTY'S NEW TRACKDRIVE (TD) RANGE OF WORK platforms, operators throughout the United States can enjoy the reach capabilities of Nifty's trailer-mounted range with the drive and traction of an all-terrain track-driven base. .

The TrackDrive 34T is available in two versions, the standard (TD34T) and narrow (TD34TN) width platforms. With 60 percent gradeability, both offer excellent performance on steep or rough terrain, and the narrow version will pass through a 2-foot-6-inch opening for restricted-access applications. Both provide a maximum platform height of just less than 34 feet and a working outreach of more than 20 feet. The TrackDrive 50 (TD50), with an overall weight of just 6,380 pounds, delivers a platform height of nearly 50 feet and a working outreach of more than 28 feet.

All the TD models have excellent grip and can travel over ground where even a 4WD self propelled (SP) platform would have difficulty. Hydraulic outriggers, controlled from the platform, allow each TD to be unloaded, set up and operated, even on uneven surfaces, without the operator ever needing to leave the platform. The TD's low weight means that site-to-site transportation costs are low, and, once on site, they can work for longer while using less fuel. They are even available with rubber-free urethane tracks, which are ideal for internal or clean environments, making the TrackDrive range a versatile and economical option for almost any purpose.

Safety features, included as standard on the TrackDrive range, include:

* Outriggers with audible and visible alarms

* Double acting cylinders

* Manual recovery with hand pump

* Dual controls (platform and base)

* Lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders

* Dual harness points

* Meets OSHA and ANSI regulations

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Teupen LEO 23GT

The new Teupen LEO 23GT spider lift, with 75-foot working height and 35 feet of side reach, was designed specifically with the tree care industry in mind. The LEO 23GT articulates and telescopes at the same time with continuous 360-degree rotation with zero tailswing. The 528-pound-capacity, corner-mounted, 2-man basket rotates 180 degrees, giving tree workers the ability to rotate themselves around a tree for a safer work environment, faster work and flexibility for removing and trimming trees. Equipped with vertically adjustable tracks, this lift can easily negotiate a 30 percent grade. Outriggers are also rotateable and adjustable, allowing the lift to be set up in difficult, steep, and tight locations. Outriggers will also raise the lift high enough to self-load the lift onto a flatbed truck, doubling the lift as a truck mounted unit. The lift can also be easily transported on a flatbed truck or towed by a 3/4-ton pick-up truck. Dimensions are 38.5 inches wide, 78 inches high and 20-feet-6-inches in length. Weight is 6,800 pounds. Leo 23GT pricing starts at $106,852 with current green industry special pricing promotions. For more information, call Teupen America at 800-944-5898 or visit


JLG Model T350

The JLG ModelT350 Tow-Pro trailer-mounted boom lift has an optional drive-and-set system that allows the machine to be driven by the operator from the platform when it is in the stowed position. Arborists can move machine across soft terrain where heavier machines cannot operate.

The Model T350 boom lift has a 35-foot platform height, 500-pound platform capacity, and can be towed at speeds up to 65 mph. Power is provided by 24V,220 ampere-hour batteries or from an optional 9-horsepower Honda gasoline engine.

An accessory tray at the boom's base accommodates a customer-supplied generator, power washer or air compressor. Factory-installed water, air and electric lines are routed through the boom from the base to the platform to power saws and other tools. This feature eliminates lines hanging from the platform that can become entangled or a tripping hazard.

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Terex Utilities

Terex Utilities, Inc., based in Watertown, S.D., manufactures a complete line of products built specifically to assist with tree-trimming tasks. Products range from a unit built to access areas in backyards to other, more traditional, tree-trimming units.

The Terex Utilities Backyard aerial device can get into those difficult-to-reach areas due to its overall travel width of less than 3 feet. From its 4-wheel hydrostatic drive, powered by a 134-cubic-inch Cat Diesel engine, to its non-overcenter fiberglass upper boom capable of reaching more than 41 feet, the Backyard tree-trimming unit puts users in the right place.

The Terex Utilities Backyard aerial device compliments Terex Utilities' XT Series, which is capable of reaching 75 feet with the addition of a state-of-the-art Transverse Lift.

Terex Utilities is a part of Terex Corporation, a diversified global manufacturer based in Westport, Conn. For more information, visit

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